Welcome Home


Our Promise

To enrich the lives of those living in the Woodbridge community.

Our Mission

To work every day to make Woodbridge a better place to live, work, and play.

Our Vision

Making Woodbridge a wonderful place to live today and for generations to come.

10 Years of Dedicated Service


Volunteers in Patrol  (VIP) is a neighborhood patrol program designed to reduce crime through increased cooperation between citizens and the Dallas Police Department.  

Our VIPs have been patrolling Woodbridge since October 15, 2001, and many of our current VIPs have been on the job since the beginning.  

The VIPs patrol the neighborhood watching for suspicious activity, reporting problems, and being seen by people who are passing through the neighborhood.  Their efforts have substantially contributed to maintaining Woodbridge's safety, security, and property values.

Be sure to thank our VIPs for volunteering their time and for their commitment to reducing crime in our neighborhood!

Woodbridge VIPs serve two or three days each month, and they all agree: the hours spent on patrol are very rewarding.  One of the best rewards, they say, is meeting their neighbors.  Jim Siber, long-time Woodbridge VIP volunteer, says "We have great neighbors here in Woodbridge, and getting to know them better is always a pleasure".  Join us, and volunteer to drive a few hours a month; the more VIPs we have, the safer our neighborhood will be.

Looking for a way to really say "Thanks" to our dedicated team?  Consider joining them!  Hone your observation and reporting skills with the VIP course taught by Dallas Police.  The class, held on one Saturday or a series of evenings, will teach you how to be most effective during a patrol, how your efforts integrate with those of our local police, and how 911 calls are managed.  Most classes also include a tour of the downtown Dallas Police facilities.  Interested?  Please contact a WHOA Board member.